Marc Gomez Vidal

iOS developer

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About me

Passionate for mobile technology, electronics and hiking up the mountains. I am always self-motivated to continually improve my skills and knowledge throughout reading, listening, sharing and coding.
I am curious, kindly, meticulous and daring. Not afraid of changes, neither challenges; they make you grow as a professional and as a person. Embrace them!

I started my programming adventure in this life when I was a teenager, on my own, developing web pages with HTML, PHP and SQL. Since then, I've been always around computers, starting as a computer repair technician in a computer store all the way to one of the most important companies in the country, developing two iOS applications among plenty of other amazing projects.
In 2015 we (my wife and I) decided to move to Canada looking to grow professionally and eager for new challenges. Since then I've been only focused on iOS development.
I started developing for iPhone 3, having to manually manage the memory myself, in a new language for me as it was Objective-C. Years went by, and Swift appeared. Now in 2019, I find myself using iPhone 11 and iOS 13. So much happiness during all those years!
I love what I do, and it's an extraordinary experience seeing people having in their phones the app you have coded, using it every day, and getting a feedback about how much they like it and enjoy it. Those words make me forget all the hours I've spent looking for a memory leak or any UI weird different behavior between iOS 9 and iOS 10 ;)

On the other hand, we have also enjoyed ourselves travelling around Europe, Canada and USA for over a year in 2013 in a van, and some countries in South America, backpacking and hitchhiking, for over six months in 2019. I can't recommend enough to anyone to live such an experience. You can't realise how much we still have to learn. More info here.

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